Primary Khmer Program

Primary Khmer Program: Grades 1 to 6

Khmer Language at PPMIS

At Phnom Penh Montessori International School (PPMIS), we believe that nurturing a strong foundation in Khmer is essential for every student's success. Here's why learning and studying Khmer is a core part of our curriculum:

Building a Strong Identity: Khmer is the language of Cambodia's rich culture and heritage. By becoming fluent, students gain a deeper understanding of their roots and develop a strong sense of cultural identity.

Boosting Cognitive Development:  Research shows

that multilingualism enhances cognitive flexibility, problem-solving skills, and memory. Learning Khmer strengthens these abilities and prepares students for success in all areas of learning.

Academic Advantages: Studies indicate that strong first-language skills lead to better

performance in other subjects. Being fluent in Khmer allows students to grasp complex concepts more easily and excel academically.

Lifelong Skill: Fluency in Khmer opens doors to future opportunities within Cambodia and fosters connections with the local community.

Our Commitment to Quality Khmer Education:

PPMIS is proud to offer a comprehensive Khmer program accredited by the Ministry of

Education, Youth and Sports. Our team of qualified and fully trained Khmer teachers are passionate about language learning and dedicated to creating an engaging learning environment.

Engaging Teaching Methods:

Our teachers utilize a variety of research-based techniques and methodologies to

ensure a fun and effective learning experience. These include:

Interactive Activities: Students learn through games, songs, storytelling, and other

interactive activities that make language learning enjoyable.

Personalized Instruction: Teachers tailor their approach to each student's individual

learning style and pace, ensuring everyone thrives.

Cultural Integration: The curriculum incorporates aspects of Cambodian culture, history,

and traditions, fostering a deeper understanding of the language's context.

Connecting the Curriculum:

PPMIS strives to create connections between the Khmer and International curriculum

whenever possible. This allows students to see the relationship between languages and cultures, promoting cross-cultural learning.

By prioritizing Khmer language development, PPMIS empowers students to become not

only well-rounded learners but also proud members of the Cambodian community.