Mission Statement

Our Mission

 • To provide an enriched educational curriculum that encompasses a commitment to the whole child – academic, physical, emotional, and social – in a safe and nurturing environment that fosters a love of learning. We achieve this by implementing the Montessori philosophy of education and by continually collaborating with parents who are children’s first teachers.

Our Vision

• To nurture and develop tomorrow’s leaders and life-long learners via a strong foundation that will allow them to realize their full intellectual and creative potential.

Our Values

 • Commitment to the whole child – In accordance with the Montessori philosophy we are committed to the physical, academic, emotional and social development of each child.

 • Respect – We have the utmost respect for our every member of our school community – our students, our teaching staff, our parents, and our support staff.

 • Integrity – We demonstrate good character by being honest and straight-forward with each other. We encourage an atmosphere of mutual trust and respect.

 • Diversity –We respect differences amongst every member of our school community. We welcome different perspectives and seek to learn from them.

 • Passion – We foster a passion of learning and of intellectual curiosity.

 • Communication – We encourage, value and reward open and honest two-way communication amongst all.

 • Excellence – We strive to reach for the stars and encourage excellence in all our endeavors.

 • Fun – We aim to have fun each and every day!

 • Environment – We always keep the environment in mind for our future generations. We teach our students to Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.